Saturday, 10 September 2011

{Review} City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Release Date: 5 April 2011
Publisher: Walker Books
Age Group: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Author: Cassandra Clare
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 The Mortal War is over, Clary Fray is back home in New York, ecited about all the possiblities before her. She's training to beome a Shadowhunter and to use her unique power. Her mother is getting married to the love her life, Downworldsers and Shadowhutners are all at peace at last. And most important of all Clary can finally call Jace her boyfriend.But nothing comes without a price.
Someone is murdering the Shadowhunters who used to be in Valentine's Cirecle, provoking tensions between Downworlders and Shadowhunters that could lead to a second bloody war. Clary's best friend, Simon, can't help her. His mother just found out that he's a vampire and now he's homeless. Everywhere he turns, someone wants him on their side along with the power of the curse that's wrecking his life. And they're willing to do anything to get what they want. At the same time he's dating two beautiful, dangerous girls, neither of whom knows about the other.
When Jace begins to pull away from Clary without explaining why, she is forced to delve iont the heart of a mystery whose solution reveals her worst nightmare: She herself haas set in motion a terrible chain of events that could lead to her losing everything she loves. Even Jace.
Love. Blood. Betrayal. Revenge. The stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels.
My Thoughts:
Once again Cassandra Clare does an amazing job with her writing as she re-enters this brilliant and riveting world which so many people were excited for and could not wait to get more of!

I was so excited to read this once I had finished City of Glass and what made me even more excited for this book was that it came out on my birthday along with Red Glove by Holly Black and these are two of my favourite authors and it was actually a really special birthday to me because these books both released on my birthday.

With long books like these by Cassie Clare I find that they are hard to get in to with the first hundred pages or so, but with each and every book in this series I know it’s worth it to trudge through the beginning; don’t get me wrong the beginnings are great and I take nothing away from them but I think it is a mental thing in my head that I know I am getting myself into another one of these long books and I have to remember all of the facts and storylines from the previous books, but you know what; the books are all really great and once I get to about page one-hundred I am addicted and love these books to Cassie, please do keep the beginnings as you want them and don’t change a thing about your writing because I am the one who is being difficult but it always pays off in the end because Cassandra Clare is an awesome author.

After initially hearing things about this book and the new characters I was so excited and the new character was great and it was really great over all to visit these characters again with a few new twists her and there.

With the previous books I did like Simon but he could annoy the hell out of me sometimes and so could Jace and I would like to thank Cassie for writing about characters that change overtime and we can clearly see the change and how they evolve as people as the story goes on. Simon, to me in this book was not annoying and I think it was the fact that this book was mainly his and I do believe that this second cycle of books will feature Simon as a protagonist along with Jace and Clary. Jace is the character that has really evolved for me! He is more open in my mind and he is not such a jerk in this book but he does have his moments.

This book overall was really good and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book, the ending to City of Fallen Angels has me wanting more so badly. Great Book, I definitely recommend it to all of you who have read Clockwork Angel because certain characters do appear in this book! So exciting! 

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