Review Policy

Review Policy

All titles reviewed on this blog are read and reviewed with honesty and due to the fact that I wanted to read the book and was generally interested in the title.
(all information on titles, including the synopsis will be/ are taken from their respective pages)
My reviews will always be honest and will never completely run a book into the ground. I respect all authors and the hard work they put into their books. There are always positive things that can be found within books and always something I can learn about or enjoy.

Review Requests:
I accept both digital copies and physical copies, however I do reside in South Africa and shipping is quite costly therefore I would prefer that you send me a digital copy of the book you would like me to review, as it would save you a whole lot of money.
I am currently only accepting YA titles that will be or have already been released in 2012.

Please Take Note:
·        Books that are on my to read list will be given preference and will be read and reviewed before other titles.
·        The reviews will either be posted around the date of the release day if they are upcoming titles, or the review will be posted at some time after the review date.
·        I cannot review every title that I receive but I will try my best to get your book reviewed.
·        I am more than happy to participate in blog tours for books as well as do interviews and guest blogs with authors if they would like to promote themselves and their books.

Request consideration:
If you would like to send a request for me to review a novel, I ask that you please include the following:
·         The Title, Release Date and Synopsis
·         The cover image of the book
·         The books in the series and the number of the book in the series(if the book is not the first in the series, I request that you allow me time to read the books that were released before the requested title)
·         The genre of the title. The title should be young adult and should fall into one of the following categories:
1.    Dystopian
2.    Contemporary
3.    Steampunk
4.    Romance
5.    Paranormal
6.    Fantasy
7.    Graphic Novels
8.    Contemporary
9.    Urban Fantasy
I will NOT read Sci-fi books and if the title falls into the category of Mystery; I will consider the title.
Please make sure that you please include the following in your request:
·         Name
·         Email
·         Website
·         Title
·         Synopsis
·         Cover Image
·         An excerpt of the title
If a request is sent that does not include what I have requested above, the request will be declined and deleted.

If you would like to contact me and request a review please send me an email at: