Thursday, 14 April 2011

To Read...or Not to Read?

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding whether or not I should read the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast. I own the first two books Marked and Tempted. I do not know whether or not to read them because I started Marked and I thought that it was terrible...the way it was written! URGH!
But I keep on wondering what if I read on and find that this series is addictive just like everyone says...but everyone also says that the series needs to end soon, but many people do not know that whilst they are wishing for it to end soon because it is being dragged out too much, they don't seem to know that this is a twelve books series and that is all that has been contracted so just imagine, this series could go on if the authors feel necessary.
Should I read them or not? What are your thought on these books?


  1. Just my opinion but it does get better and than sorry to say at book 5 it goes down hill! If you started the series then finish it out but if not I say don't bother. It seems like every new YA is a series so their are so many new, good ones out there to choose from.

  2. No no OH GOD NO! I think I may have started my book blog solely to complain about these books.

    Only one book had me on the edge of my seat, the writing sty changed continually (like you can tell what PC wrote and what Kristen wrote)

    They try far too hard to sound like "cool teenagers and in return just sound like a bunch of idiots. I hated this whole series. I gave them away! They are drawn out, filler page after filler page...gah!!!! *bangs head into wall*

    Don't do it...don't....please. I'm begging you.

    Oh, and this was me holding back...LOL.