Thursday, 7 April 2011

Guest Post by Kristi A.K.A The Story Siren

Thanks so much for inviting me to do a guest post!
Today I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite books, from my favorite genre: FANTASY! 
I love fantasy novels because they can transport you to a whole different world! Some of my favorite series are below! If you’re thinking about starting a new fantasy series, one of these would be a great place to start! 
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling 
I don’t think that these books really need an explanation! They still remain one of my favorites to this day! Although some of the story takes place in the “real” world of London, I love that we get to experience this whole other world of wizards and all the wonderful creatures and beings that live there! 
The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
A high fantasy novel, Alagaesia is a whole other world of dragon riders and good vs. evil. And recently the fourth novel in the series was announced and the cover was revealed: Inheritance! I can’t wait to read this one! 
Faerie Wars Chronicles Herbie Brennann
This is one of my favorites series that I don’t feel like many people know about. It’s an older series (2003) but had a new title released in January! Which I only discovered when doing this post! It’s more aimed at middle grade readers, but I think YA readers that enjoy fantasy will really like it! 
The Seven Realms Cinda Williams Chima
Such an awesome series!!! I have not read Chima’s Heir series, although I’m sure I would love it, but The Seven Realms series is fantastic! It follows two characters Han Alister and Princess Raisa. The third novel is coming out this fall (September) and I can’t wait!

What are some of your favorite fantasy novels? 

Thank you Kristi!!!

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  1. Kristi is awesome! My favorite genre is FANTASY as well! Of course I adore the HP Series, its complete book history! I also really love the Inheritance Cycle, its high fantasy that reads captivatingly! But one series that I think is gorgeous and amazing and purely stunning, is the Abarat Series by master writer, Cliver Barker. Not many people know about this series and I believe it is a true injustice, because it is incredible and original! Anyone who loves fantasy, will adore the Abarat Series!!

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