Friday, 11 March 2011

Toroment by Lauren Kate Review

Lucinda is sure that she and Daniel are meant to be together forever. Now they are forced apart in a desperate bid to save Luce from the Outcasts–immortals who want her dead. As she discovers more about her past lives, Luce starts to suspect that Daniel is hiding something. What if he has lied to her about their shared past? What if Luce is really meant to be with someone else?

Well, I really hope that I do not get killed for this review but I am giving my honest opinion. Do not fear though it is not all bad and I am not taking anything away from Lauren Kate’s amazing writing talent. I am just stating my opinion and if you do not like it then do not read any further.
Okay so I felt that everything was basically happening all over again as Luce is forced to go to a brand new school just like she was in the first book, although this was not a reform school and it was a school that would help Luce understand better, it just did not work for me. It felt like a retelling. I mean Lauren Kate’s writing is fantastic and she really knows how to get a reader addicted this just did not work for me.
I cannot really explain, yes this book had its moments but I think Lauren could have done better by putting Luce in some sort of new setting other than a school as it would have made it more interesting, she could made Luce’s surrounding a little tougher to love in to make the story more complex perhaps, I mean the surroundings that Luca has to live with in this book are fairly challenging as she is put into a completely new school and has to live with the fact that she has to make new friends, however some of the students from Sword and Cross do show up at the new school.
The new characters were very interesting and refreshing just shows you how Lauren Kate can write realistic characters that will seem vividly real.
The ending was spectacular and I cannot wait for the third book in this series titled Passion, I am sure that it will be amazing and I hear it is a prequel of sorts and half of it is from Daniel’s point of view. Lauren Kate is a great writer and this review is just my opinion.
Thank you for the wonderfully and compelling story that many have fallen for. Although I may have said a few negative things about the book, it was still very addictive and I enjoyed the words that flowed effortlessly on the pages.

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