Thursday, 19 April 2012

{Review} The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Release Date: 10 January 2012
Publisher: Dutton
Age Group: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 313
Rating:  5- Wonderful

Diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer at 12, Hazel was prepared to die until, at 14, a medical miracle shrunk the tumours in her lungs... for now. 
Two years post-miracle, sixteen-year-old Hazel is post-everything else, too; post-high school, post-friends and post-normalcy. And even though she could live for a long time (whatever that means), Hazel lives tethered to an oxygen tank, the tumours tenuously kept at bay with a constant chemical assault. 
Enter Augustus Waters. A match made at cancer kid support group, Augustus is gorgeous, in remission, and shockingly to her, interested in Hazel. Being with Augustus is both an unexpected destination and a long-needed journey, pushing Hazel to re-examine how sickness and health, life and death, will define her and the legacy that everyone leaves behind.
My Thoughts:
I had heard so many things about John Green—such amazing things about him and his books. The Fault In Our Stars exploded onto the scene and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to read a book by John Green for the first time.

There was so much hype that I was afraid that as I begun to read it, that it would disappoint me. But instantly I was addicted and drawn into Hazel’s compelling story.

Hazel and Augustus are two quirky characters in my opinion and I loved the odd and romantic relationship they had, they were true and sincere to one another despite the events that take place within the book. Green sure knows how to throw in curve balls that slap you in the face and then keep you on the edge of your seat.

This book was about cancer in a sense—more Hazel’s story and her struggles, but at the same time, this book was humorous and was a bit hard for me to read as it ripped my heart into pieces. When I was twelve or so, I lost my best friend to leukaemia. It was hard and I didn’t really experience the pain and mourning I should have then, that I did whilst reading this book. Losing someone is not easy as many of you may know and dealing with not having that person makes life hard for you.

John Green’s book throws one majore curveball at the end of the book which made me sad, but the last words on the final page left me the most breathless and kept me up thinking because the writing was so beautiful and humorous, but at the same time it tore me up inside—but those final words are what actually made me happy—they gave the story a sincere ending despite what shocking things may have occurred.

By then end of the book I was happy, sad, depressed, joyful and whatever other emotions you can feel. I also happened to fall in love with John Green’s books and plan on definitely reading more of them!

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  1. I really enjoy John Green as an author. He has a way with dialogue that changes how you read. I can't wait to read The Fault in our Stars and read about Hazel and Augustus. I loved that you described them as quirky. Those are my favorite types of characters.

    1. Hazel and Gus are awesome characters and really make up one of the things that I loved most about this book! :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it. This is one of my all time favorite books and I hold my breath every time I start reading a review. I don't think I can handle it if somoene doesn't like it as much as I do.

    1. I think it's safe to assume that we both absolutely loved it! <3

  3. I actually just read this book recently too, and this was also my first John Green book! I agree with everything that you said, and you said it perfectly! Those last few pages tore my heart apart, put it back together, and then ripped it apart. It was a total curveball! And I also stayed up late that night just thinking. I think Green puts so much stuff in there to ponder, it's hard to not think about it. I mean, it's been almost a week since I finished TFiOS, and I'm still thinking about it. It was just amazing. I think you hit all the major things about it in your review! Awesome job. =)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

    1. Ahh thank you so much and I'm glad that you enjoyed it as much as I did!