Wednesday, 18 May 2011

{Guest Post} by Jennifer Armentrout

I would like to introduce to you author, Jennifer Armentrout the author of Half-Blood, Pure and Daimon which is a free prequel to Half-Blood! You can download Daimon here!

Without further ado I give you Jennifer's guest post on writing:

I started writing Half-Blood (under a different title) in 2008. I’ve always been fascinated with Greek Mythology and ancient Greece, and knew I wanted to do something with demigods. But I wanted it to be different, something more. After scraping several lame ideas and going through false starts, I finally created Alexandria Andros’ world by taking the demigod myth and expanding it. I thought, “What if demigods had children with mortals, just like the gods did?” From there, I came up with the half-blood, which is a child of a demigod and mortal.  Children of two demigods are called pure-bloods or Hematoi. There is also a totally different race of mythological creatures in the story, which are called daimons. If anyone is curious to what daimon stands for, it’s actually Greek for demon.

Ancient Greece, especially the time when people would have worshipped gods, was a very stratified society. You had the haves and the haves not. I did model Alex’s world after that, and the treatment of half-bloods may be hard to swallow.

Another thing I wanted to capture was the actual nature of the gods themselves. If you read most myths you’d know that the gods did not bring the warm and fuzzies. If you were a human who’d caught the attention of a god, that didn’t usually bode well. You’d either end up a flower or plant, or chilling with Hades for the rest of eternity. In writing Daimon, Half-Blood and the other novels, I wanted to stay true to their myths.

I really don’t have much of writing process, except I cannot write when someone is around me or even in the same room as me. Weird, huh? Sometimes when I’m lacking inspiration, I do listen to music and/or flail around my house until I know what I want to write.

Thanks for having me on your blog!

PS: I was only going to post this on Friday but just couldn't wait to share it with the world! Hope you enjoy it! My review of Daimon will be up later today!

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