Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Big News...Not Really...Sort of?

Okay well this is not great huge amazing news it is simply just that I have revealed by real name to the world. Keegan Shayne is my real name, Clouse Ever was a pen name that I was using but I realized that it would just be too hard to live with two different names and so I changed my Twitter account name and of course I have decided to make this a full on book blog. I might have some stuff up about my writing but not much! I feel kind of pathetic but also now I can receive books and stuff in the mail without my parents thinking 'Who the Hell?" A huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! I need to start posting more and I am sorry to all my followers who have been waiting for the next review and such but I should have a review up a little later today and a guest post by someone you might enjoy!
Changes are occurring on my blog and more are to come. A special friend has helped me and has been ever so kind! Do you like the new header? And what about my little signature at the bottom of this post!?

Oh well I need to get reading and schedule posts! So stick around for the guest post later today!

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