Saturday, 12 February 2011

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

When Tessa Gray travels to gloomy, scourge-ridden London in search of her brother Nate, she expects terrible weather, terrible food and similarly terrible dentistry. Things that she is not expecting, however, include: two nasty witchy-poo lassies with kidnapping tendencies; a suddenly revealed ability to shape-shift; a quick-to-violence vigilante group full of spunky men and plucky women; and a few mixed up baddies intent on Taking Over the World. Also a potential love triangle, because no good over-seas journey is complete without such a complicating factor. Yet, while a typical English lass would be aware the best approach to ensuring one’s longevity in these Victorian times is probably to sit back, nibble on a scone and, er, think of England,  Tessa’s inherent American verve sees her turn to buffy-esque butt-kicking ways instead, and she soon finds herself fighting the good fight against all manner of vamps, scoundrels, and wind-up armies exhibiting the chilling determination of biblical golems. But the battle between good and evil is not such an easy thing to fight, particularly when the two sides are so difficult to tease apart, and as things unfold in rather unexpected ways, Tessa finds herself struggling to make the right choices.

I found this a very thrilling book to read it was fun and action packed and too be really honest this is my first steam punk book but it was great. It is wonderful and makes me wish I were alive back then and living in the Institute. I loved how the climax sort of began in the middle of the book and then went on from there as there was another major climax near the end. I would recommend this to all of you who think that you will not like steam punk books at all and I am sure you will soon love Cassandra Clare for inventing this riveting world and you will soon learn to love it. In this book you will enter a world where things will boggle your mind. I am not exactly sure why but for some reason I think I am team Henry. I just love him to bits. I bet if he wrote books he would secretly be the Lemony Snicket of those times.

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    I absolutely LOVED Clockwork Angel!! :) Now I want to read it again! Not to mention the cover is awesome :D