Friday, 3 June 2011

{Review} Siren by Tricia Rayburn

Release Date: 10 May 2011
Publisher: Egmont USA
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 368
Author: Tricia Rayburn 
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Seventeen-year-old Vanessa Sands is afraid of everything—the dark, heights, the ocean—but her fearless older sister, Justine, has always been there to coach her through every challenge. That is, until Justine goes cliff-diving one night near the family’s vacation house in Maine, and her lifeless body washes up on shore the next day.

Though her parents hope that they’ll be able to find closure back in Boston, Vanessa can’t help feeling that her sister’s death wasn’t an accident. After discovering that Justine was keeping a lot of secrets, Vanessa returns to Winter Harbor, hoping that Justine’s boyfriend might know more. But Caleb has been missing since Justine’s death.

Soon, it’s not just Vanessa who’s afraid. All of Winter Harbor is abuzz with anxiety when another body washes ashore, and panic sets in when the small town becomes host to a string of fatal, water-related accidents in which all the victims are found, horrifically, grinning from ear to ear.

Vanessa turns to Caleb’s brother, Simon, for help, and begins to find herself drawn to him. As the pair tries to understand the sudden rash of creepy drownings, Vanessa uncovers a secret that threatens her new romance—and will change her life forever.

My Thoughts:

Well this novel started off with a bang as it had a death that occurred early in the beginning and I really liked that and the fact that we were pushed in to a pool of strong emotions at the very beginning which felt genuine and I don’t know why I have been craving this in books lately but it is something that I will begin to watch out for.

The grieving was not too bad over the death, which I will not tell you who’s it was, but I felt that there could have been more grieving over the death by the main character.

This book was wonderfully written and there was something special about the way that it was written, it was both addictive and wonderful all rolled up in to one. I also loved the fact that it was set near the ocean and that it was about mermaids/ sirens which we do not see often in YA books but there are a few siren YA books that have been released or will be released in the near future and I was also glad to find that this was not just some author taking the little mermaid and twisting it.

The was a very fresh and edge twist to the whole mermaid thing but I wish that there would have been more about the mermaids right from the start as opposed to only reading about them in the last few chapters.
 This book was a bit slow paced for me but I still enjoyed it non-the less. I find that all of the characters were well developed and thought out and we could most likely relate to them in some way or another.

Over all this was an interesting read and I cannot wait to read its sequel; Undercurrent. 


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