Saturday, 25 June 2011

{Reaction Fraction} 1 Elanor Lawrence

Reaction Fraction is a segment that I will be having either weekly or monthly on my blog. The segment shows either an author or blogger's reaction to something. This will show what emotions they felt and what thought were running through their head's at the time. 

This week I will be having Elanor Lawrence, my dear friend for Reaction Fraction. I recommend that  you all follow her great blog! (Click the image below to be redirected o her site)
Q: What was it like to win the Hereafter Writing Challenge on inkpop and receive four free books?
 Elanor's Reaction:
I felt really flattered and excited. This was the first inkpop challenge I had ever won (though I've won books through inkpop before in other ways) and I was happy that it was one actually chosen by the author based on merit rather than selected randomly. The story that I entered was actually a scene from chapter 10 of my WIP, THE WEB, so it was really encouraging to find that author Tara Hudson liked that scene even in its virtually unedited state. I've had positive feedback from a couple friends, but it was wonderful to receive this kind of confirmation early on from a published author. And, of course, winning four free books was awesome. I won Tara Hudson's Hereafter, the book the challenge was based on, and I felt pretty cool because I got it before the official release date. I also chose Divergent (which I read in a day and is now one of my new favourites) and Delirium and Entwined. I absolutely love new hardcover books but I don't have enough money to just go out and buy them, so inkpop challenges are a great way to get free books and stretch my writing talent at the same time!

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